Things To Consider When Planning Your Infinity Edge Pool

Pools in general are a great way to bring the families together and they are perfect locations to hold a party as well. However building one is a big decision to make and so before you jump into it head first you may want to consider certain things regarding the pool.



Size and Position

Possibly one of the first things to consider when you are planning to build a negative edge pool is to figure out the size that you would like the pool to be. When you have finally figured out the size and got that out of the way the next thing that’s standing in line is the location of the pool. Would you like it to remain closer to your house or would you like to be at a short distance away which can turn into a little haven for your family?


Make a little map of the yard and now try to figure where can you locate the pool of a size that you have determined in the entire area. This process gets a lot easier if you get help from a contractor who can guide you through this.


Landscaping and Fencing

When people consider putting in infinity pools what they forget is that putting a pool means that they will also be doing some landscaping around the area. The cost of landscaping and fencing depends on the area that will need to get the work done.


A lot of times adding a negative edge pool is more of a lifestyle change as well and hence people a lot of times tend to turn their yard into their own little getaway which will help them relax and de-stress after a long hard day or week.



An infinity pool is definitely costlier than a regular pool however it is also an investment into your property. Adding this pool will definitely increase the overall value of your property However to achieve that you will need to invest.


The cost of the price varies and depends largely on the shape, size as well as the depth of the pool that you consider on building. More often than not when you are building a negative edge pool in your backyard you will be paying for a lot more than the pool itself. Before you do finalize on a contractor, compare the quotes of at least three of them.

Before you finalize a contractor, the above mentioned factors are something that you will need to work through. Make sure that you explore the needs of having such pool design, because at the end of the day, this is a long term investment and should yield results as expected. Check rightly and move ahead with the right concept and style, depending on style of the property.

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Author Bio: The Author is an expert and co-owner of a company that designs and installs infinity pools. She is associated with many blogs and magazines as a writer and helps people make design choices.